Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova head the Giornate jury

Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova, dubbed by the Bulgarian parliament as the “Demonic Duo”, a nickname given to them as a reaction to their subversive documentaries, will lead the jury of Giornate degli Autori at the Venice Film Festival.

Directors of A Cat in the Wall and Woman Do Cry, Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova’s working method is often compared to Ken Loach’s social realism in terms of the subjects and the sets created in real environments.

Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova are women, activists, feminists, and filmmakers,” declared Artistic Director Gaia Furrer. “We are thrilled they accepted to lead the jury of Giornate degli Autori, because today more than ever we need both filmmaking and activism. We need people who can challenge boundaries through cinema, and open up new paths. In their work we have discovered a vital, daring mix of public and private, of individuality and collective rights, of form and substance. Mina and Vesela’s cinema is empathetic, smart, provocative, angry, ironic, alive and deeply honest. A list of values that I hope will also apply to the films we have selected for this year’s competition at Giornate degli Autori.

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