Friday, July 19, 2024

TV France International Merges with UniFrance

After an Extraordinary General Assembly this Wednesday, TV France International, the association of French television program exporters, will dissolve and merge with UniFrance, the organisation in charge of promoting French cinema throughout the world.

With the merger with TV France International, UniFrance will also promote the television sector from now on.

This is a historic step in the life of UniFrance,” said Serge Toubiana, president of UniFrance. “Together, we have succeeded in building a stronger and financially better equipped group, at the service of our two sectors, cinema and audiovisual, to meet the challenges that await us collectively on the international scene. We warmly thank the teams and members of TV France International, with whom we have worked a lot in recent months, and with whom we look forward to collaborating in the months and years to come, now in a joint organization.

The new entity will now have six commissions: a feature film exporters commission; an audiovisual distributors commission; a feature film producers commission; an audiovisual producers commission; a mixed artistic commission; and a more interdisciplinary commission of producers, directors and distributors of short films.

TV France International represents 27 years of history and work dedicated to supporting audiovisual exports, international travel and networking,” said Hervé Michel, President of TV France. “This transformation marks a new era for our team, our members and for French exports in general,” he added.

The new UniFrance Board of Directors will meet on July 2 and elect the President and Vice President, an unprecedented format intended for a transitional period of two years, before a transition to three-year terms in 2023. 

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