Friday, July 19, 2024

Nanni Moretti announces new film

First dose of AstraZeneca vaccine taken on April 2nd, second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine taken today, June 19th. And now: let’s get back to work”, wrote Nanni Moretti, last Saturday, on Instagram.

His latest film, Tre Piani, will be shown in Cannes on July 11th, but the director is already working on a new project, Il sol dell’avvenire, which he co-wrote with Valia Santella, Federica Pontremoli and Francesca Marciano

In the post, Moretti also explained that he’s going to produce two documentaries, Piazza (by Karen Di Porto) and Las leonas (by Isabel Achaval & Chiara Bondì), and that we will see him act in Il colibrì by Francesca Archibugi.

There are no details regarding Il sol dell’avvenire but there’s a Gianfranco Pannone documentary with that name about the birth of the Red Brigades (1966 -1988).

As for Tre Piani, the film is inspired by Eshkol Nevo’s novel and follows a group of people confined in a building in Rome. Riccardo Scamarcio and Alba Rohrwacher, alongside Moretti himself, are in the cast.

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